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Meaning Transfer in #MulberryMiracle

I was taking the art Design and Direction class today and we were discussing advertising theories like the Kotler’s Communication model, AIDA, FCB Grid and Meaning Transfer Theory, as part of the in class group work, the students were to divide themselves into groups and choose an advertisements and see how these theories were put into practise in real life… Read more →

Effect Of Employees On Customer Perception Of Service Brand

The fundamental differences between goods and services pose a challenge on developing an effective advertising strategy, this has led many scholars to recommend treating services differently and discussed the importance of communicating the relationship of tangible assets to service operation in order to make the service visible to the prospective customers. The presence of employees in advertisements has been highlighted… Read more →


Images (reflecting diversity) on University Websites.

I have been able to present two of my works at conference regarding the use of images on Universities marketing communication materials – Black Students , Female Professors and I guess It is important that we acknowledge the difficulties experienced by the Universities’ marketing communication team to reach out to diverse stakeholders, students for example comes from different part of… Read more →