Meaning Transfer in #MulberryMiracle

I was taking the art Design and Direction class today and we were discussing advertising theories like the Kotler’s Communication model, AIDA, FCB Grid and Meaning Transfer Theory, as part of the in class group work, the students were to divide themselves into groups and choose an advertisements and see how these theories were put into practise in real life situation.

One of the groups choose the Mulberry Miracle advertisement , I have not seen it and it was really interesting to see how much we all loved it in class, switching off the light to watch the miracle of a bag, just a bag.

The student that first mentioned the advertisement said unlike other advertisements, she would have skipped it on YouTube but something about it caught her attention (AIDA) , also the fact that Mulberry was the first thing on the advertisements made her not to skip as she liked it ( Consumer involvement), So the brand has got 5 seconds to impress the views so that they don’t skip the advertisements and here mulberry has used that their brand name to catch the attention and hold you down while you wait to skip the advert.

The main point of discussion was however the application of the meaning transfer model – what meaning have we been able to attach to this advertisement? Was it because it is Christmas, so the story line has to follow the nativity story? Is it because we are in UK, Jesus Christ (of the Christian faith) can be compared to bags or we just find it funny and not provocative.

adam&eveDDB (The Advertising Agency) has taken a creative gamble to come up with this advertisements, usingh something sacred to advertise their red bag. The last time I checked 99 viewers liked it and 25 didn’t like it, that seems close at 20.8% dislike compared to their 2014 advertisement – #WinChristmas where 8.9% of viewers indicated that they disliked it.

In class, we anticipate that the advertisement may be banned as we expect people to complain about it to ASA and we will discuss again in Class if their creative gamble as paid off.

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