Emmanuel Mogaji

Researcher with interest in design and development of marketing communication materials which can be visually consumed and appealing to diverse audience.

My latest publication: This advert makes me cry: Disclosure of emotional response to advertisement on Facebook

How many times have we watched an advert on Facebook and been eager to make a comment about how much we liked it? Today, Facebook has become an integral part of our social life and companies are using this medium to reach out to us. This paper reports the analysis of Facebook users’ comments on Lloyds Bank 250th Anniversary advertisement.… Read more →

Reflecting a diversified country: a content analysis of newspaper advertisements in Great Britain

Citation: Emmanuel Mogaji , (2015) “Reflecting a diversified country: a content analysis of newspaper advertisements in Great Britain”, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 33 Iss: 6   Purpose Identifying the protected characteristics under the Equality Act of the United Kingdom, this study aims to discover the extent to which the protected characteristics are featured in British newspaper advertisements, as evidence of… Read more →

Effect Of Employees On Customer Perception Of Service Brand

The fundamental differences between goods and services pose a challenge on developing an effective advertising strategy, this has led many scholars to recommend treating services differently and discussed the importance of communicating the relationship of tangible assets to service operation in order to make the service visible to the prospective customers. The presence of employees in advertisements has been highlighted… Read more →

What have I been up to?

Quite sometimes now that I have updated my blog and wondering what have I been up to, keeping me away from my virtual diary. Almost two months with nothing to share, my life hasn’t been that dull, I must confess, quite busy with life, work and studies, but so far, I am enjoying it. Three things has actually kept me… Read more →


Images (reflecting diversity) on University Websites.

I have been able to present two of my works at conference regarding the use of images on Universities marketing communication materials – Black Students , Female Professors and I guess It is important that we acknowledge the difficulties experienced by the Universities’ marketing communication team to reach out to diverse stakeholders, students for example comes from different part of… Read more →

Does Advertisement size and orientation contributes to its emotionality?

My research aims to explore emotional appeals used in UK Banks’ Advertisements, the visual and textual content of these advertisements are considered as channels of emotional appeals. It is expected that an advert printed in colour will be more emotionally appealing than the one.printed in black and white. Also, an advertisement with images, will be emotional appealing than the one… Read more →

A bit relieved…

I have been quiet busy over the past few weeks trying to meet a deadline, the festive season of Christmas and New year also contributed to my slow approach to work but I knew January 15 was just around the corner. However, after battling with SPSS, Microsoft Excel and my Content Analysis Webpage, I was able to pour about 8000… Read more →


Features of UK Mortgage Print Advertisement

Getting a Mortgage has been described as one of the greatest financial decision a consumer will make in their lifetime and it is expected that the customer has considered various options before making that choice, This study looks at the creative design and strategies adopted by three banks to reach out to customers through their print advertisements. Six features including… Read more →

friends or partners

Friends or Partners: Stereotype in Print Advertisement Images.

One of my research interests is in the design of marketing communications materials that can be appreciated by diverse target audience which has always lead me to observing different images as used in advertisement and wonder if it’s a reflection of the society. Pollay’s idea has been an inspiration. One of the issues I subsequently come across is the reflection… Read more →