Monthly Archives: January 2015


Images (reflecting diversity) on University Websites.

I have been able to present two of my works at conference regarding the use of images on Universities marketing communication materials – Black Students , Female Professors and I guess It is important that we acknowledge the difficulties experienced by the Universities’ marketing communication team to reach out to diverse stakeholders, students for example comes from different part of… Read more →

Does Advertisement size and orientation contributes to its emotionality?

My research aims to explore emotional appeals used in UK Banks’ Advertisements, the visual and textual content of these advertisements are considered as channels of emotional appeals. It is expected that an advert printed in colour will be more emotionally appealing than the one.printed in black and white. Also, an advertisement with images, will be emotional appealing than the one… Read more →

A bit relieved…

I have been quiet busy over the past few weeks trying to meet a deadline, the festive season of Christmas and New year also contributed to my slow approach to work but I knew January 15 was just around the corner. However, after battling with SPSS, Microsoft Excel and my Content Analysis Webpage, I was able to pour about 8000… Read more →