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The Methodology Process…21/05/2014

Looking forward to another productive meeting with my supervisors as we work towards the completion of my PhD in three years. Having this regular meetings has been very helpful and it’s always another step towards completion. Action plan for last meeting will be discussed today to see how much I have done and I think I will be using this… Read more →

A decision to make.

With almost two years into PhD, I guess here comes the time to make a crucial decision that will shape the rest of my research endeavours. My research aim is to explore emotional appeals in UK Banks’ print advertisement AND elicit consumers’ perception about these advertising appeals. The other part of the aim is the bone of contention -How to… Read more →

A Change for Good…

Initially posted on Social Research Hub on March 24, 2014. It all started first as a rumour, everyone keeps asking me – Do you know she is leaving…? Just like Elisha in the Old Testament of the Bible, colleagues keep asking me if I knew my supervisor was leaving the University, and all I could say was that I have not been officially… Read more →

The Journey Ahead…..

Initially posted on Social Research Hub on April 26, 2013. October 2012, I started a three year journey into the unknown. Some believe it is not possible but I hope to complete my research degree in this period. I don’t know what lies ahead but I know where I started from and the passion will keep me going. After my Masters… Read more →